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UK - Michael Joseph
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The Falcons of Fire and Ice

By Karen Maitland

Published Mar 2012

1539. The Inquisition ruthlessly spreads fear – burning and torturing heretics – ensuring that no one opposes the Church’s will and lives to tell about it.

Caught in the Church’s terrifying clutches is Isabela, daughter of the Court Falconer. The King’s precious white falcons have been slaughtered and her father arrested and imprisoned for the crime.

If the birds are not replaced he will die.

Young but headstrong, Isabela knows only she can save her father. She must travel far to strange lands to find these rare birds. It is a journey that will take her into a dark and dangerous world filled with menacing people driven by fearful beliefs.

But the Church has sent a companion to ensure she never returns . . .

Glorious … a thrillingly horrible vision of the Dark Ages


Scarily good. Imagine The Wicker Man crossed with The Birds

Marie Claire


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