Jacket for 'The Girl from the Island'


UK - Avon
Danish - Zara
Finnish - Bazar Kustannus
Hebrew - Tchelet

The Girl from the Island

By Lorna Cook

Published Mar 2021



A world at war.

One woman will risk everything.

Another will uncover her story.


1940: When the island of Guernsey is invaded by the Nazis, two sisters are determined to rebel in any way they can. But when forced to take in a German soldier, they are shocked to find a familiar face on their doorstep – a childhood friend who has now become their enemy.


2016: Two generations later, Lucy returns to Guernsey after the death of a distant cousin. As she prepares the old family house for sale, Lucy discovers a box of handwritten notes, one word standing out: resistance. Lucy’s search for the author will uncover the story of a forgotten sister who vanished from the island one night, never to be seen again.