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UK - Orion

The Good Death

By Nick Brooks

Published Jan 2010

Hugh Madden is a mortician who loves his work, who lives for his ‘sleeping beauties’. When his old medical professor turns up at the mortuary, Madden find himself recalling his undergraduate years at Glasgow university – in particular his friendship with a dangerously charismatic medical student, and the disquieting circumstances that eventually took him away from working with the living to spending his time with the dead.

Trapped for forty years in an unsatisfactory marriage to a hypochondriac wife, Madden’s carefully ordered life is thrown further into chaos when he sacks his wife’s carer – and her son decides she needs ‘compensation’. With the threat of violence hanging over him, the sudden reappearance of his professor, and the discovery of a body in a nearby loch, Madden’s long buried secrets begin to resurface, and his won dissatisfaction with the present threatens to turn murderous…

The Good Death is a dazzling, dark, elegantly wicked tale of skeletons in the cupboard, and corpses on the slab

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