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The Guilty Feminist

By Deborah Frances White

Published Sep 2018

In 2015 I described myself as a ‘guilty feminist’ for the first time.  My goals were noble but my concerns were trivial.  I wanted desperately for women to be taken seriously in leadership roles all over the world, but I also wanted to look good sitting down naked.

A funny, joyful, frank and inspiring book about embracing both feminism and our imperfections, from Deborah Frances-White, the creator of the hit comedy podcast The Guilty Feminist.

From inclusion to the secret power of romcoms, from effective activism to what poker can tell us about gender, Deborah Frances-White explores what it means to be a twenty-first century feminist, and encourages us to make the world better for all women.

The book also includes exclusive interviews with performers, activists and thinkers – Jessamyn Stanley, Zoe Coombs-Marr, Susan Wokoma, Bisha K. Ali, Reubs Walsh, Becca Bunce, Amika George, Mo Mansfield and Leyla Hussein – plus a piece from Hannah Gadsby.

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