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The House of the Hanged Woman

By Kate Ellis

Published Nov 2020

Some murders are never forgotten…


1921.  When a member of parliament goes missing in a small Derbyshire village, Scotland Yard detective Albert Lincoln is sent up north to investigate.

This isn’t Albert’s first visit to Wenfield.  He once solved a traumatic case there at great personal cost and now, two years later, it seems that darkness still lurks in the village.  The naked body of a man has been discovered, mutilated beyond recognition, by an ancient stone circle called the Devil’s Dancers.

The local police assume the body is that of the missing politician, but when that identification proves false and more strange deaths occur, Albert realises his case is far more complex than a simple disappearance.  But as he reawakens ghosts from the past, will he be able to solve the mystery surrounding Wenfield once and for all?


Praise for Kate Ellis:

I loved this book…A powerful story of loss, malice and deception.

Ann Cleeves

The chilling plot will keep you spooked and thrilled to the end.


A splendidly macabre thriller.

Andrew Taylor