Jacket for 'The Kelpie’s Pearls'


UK - Hamish Hamilton

The Kelpie’s Pearls

By Mollie Hunter

Published Jan 2010

The kelpie, they say, is a water-spirit; and nobody believes in such things nowadays – except of course, for Torquil, the boy with the great love of animals. Torquil learned there is such a thing as a kelpie when he saw one talking to Morag McLeod, the old woman who lived on the hill above Loch Ness. But then, claimed Alasdair the Trapper, ‘Morag McLeod is a witch!’

Although Alasdair was known to have a gossipy, evil tongue, people did begin to wonder about Morag – especially when she persuaded the kelpie to summon up the Loch Ness Monster for her to see…