Jacket for 'The Killing Room'


UK - Atlantic

The Killing Room

By Christobel Kent

Published Jul 2014

The dark heart of modern Italy…

When private investigator Sandro Cellini is invited to attend the launch of a glittering residence overlooking Florence, he has no idea of what he is walking into. Because behind the austere beauty of the Palazzo San Giorgio’s façade – and in amongst the enviable lives of its wealthy new inhabitants – terrible secrets lie hidden: not only the dusty horror of a torture chamber uncovered during excavations, but evil of a newer and more lethal provenance…

When the head of security is found brutally murdered, Sandro must take on a dead man’s life, and with it the violence he awakened. Because very soon he discovers that his predecessor’s death is neither random nor isolated, but the latest in a series of disturbing incidents that have tainted the Palazzo San Giorgio since its opening. And when the campaign of terror escalates still further, Sandro must fight to track the evil to its source.