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The Last Duchess

By Laura Powell

Published Jun 2017


Book 1 in the Silver Service Mysteries


The Secret Countess meets How to Train your Dragon


Pattern is only 13, but is already rising through the ranks at Miss Minchin’s Academy of Domestic Servitude and seems destined for a life below the stairs. But fate intervenes when she is packed off to the small and secretive Duchy of Elffinberg, to serve as lady’s maid to the lately orphaned Grand Duchess.


Her new mistress is excitable and paranoid, convinced everyone about her is trying to steal her throne. Pattern, a stranger in a strange land, finds her common sense challenged by local superstitions, and the odd sense of foreboding that hangs over the place. But she has more in common with the Grand Duchess than she thinks, and despite their differences, the two girls form a friendship that quickly turns into a battle for survival amid the treachery and terrors of the court. For picture-perfect Elffinberg hides a dark secret, and something very nasty is lurking in the castle’s depths…


Armed only with her trusty sewing basket, a bottle of smelling salts and J. Bulcock’s inestimable guide, The Duties of a Lady’s Maid, Pattern will need all her wits and resourcefulness when dealing with above-stairs conspiracies and below-stairs intrigue. Darning stockings has never been so dangerous.