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The Lazarus Strategy. How to Age Well and Wisely

By Norman Lazarus

Published May 2020



84-year old physician, research scientist and champion cyclist, Dr Norman Lazarus, wants us to take control of our own futures…

In his first book, The Lazarus Strategy, Norman will inspire readers to embrace the coming years with equal measures of optimism and determination; celebrating the good news of his research – that staying active is scientifically proven to keep the body young and healthy and stave off age-related diseases. His lifestyle blueprint will show us that the positive changes we can make now are both simple and easily actionable, but have the power to help us reap the rewards in later life and enjoy an independent and productive old age.

Written with wit and rigour, this is part how-to, part manifesto drawing on Dr Lazarus’ many years in medicine, on the stories of patients and on his own experience and research – to show us that ageing is not a disease, unless we let it become so.

The octogenarian professor who holds the secret of eternal youth.

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