Jacket for 'The Liars'


UK - Michael Joseph

The Liars

By Katherine Fleet

Published Aug 2024

I thought I saw her today. Down by the water. It was her hair I noticed. Do you ever see her, Lex? Does she haunt you too?

I haven’t been back to Eos since I first met my step-sister, Lex.
It’s been twenty-five years since that summer.
Since we went from strangers to sisters.
Since Abigail went missing.
Since we told the first lie.

Now we’re back together on the island.
So much has changed since we were teenagers.
We’ve both tried to move on from the past – from each other.
But the island won’t let us escape our secrets.

Only me and Lex know the truth about Abigail.
We’ve been living a lie for so long.
And if the truth comes out – neither of us will survive it…