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The Men

By Sandra Newman

Published Jun 2022

In a moment, in every part of the world, every person with an Y chromosome vanishes: lovers, children, parents – even foetuses from the womb.


Jane Pearson wakes on a mountainside the next morning to find her husband and son missing from their tent. Frantic and grieving, she sets out to find the one person she thinks can help – Evangelyne Moreau, the brilliant, charismatic leader of the Commensalist Party of America, whose heart she broke many years before.


While Jane searches for those she has lost, a radically different society emerges, one that seems – at first – to be suddenly, blissfully safer than what came before. And then The Men appears online: uncanny video footage that shows the missing being herded through bizarre, otherworldly landscapes. Is it a hoax, or could The Men hold the key to bringing back those who were lost? And if so, what might be the cost?


From the author of The Heavens, The Men is a gripping, beautiful, and disquieting novel of impossible sacrifices that asks: what might we be prepared to give up to create a better world?


‘Almost supernaturally propulsive, sometimes very beautiful… there are strange things here I am unlikely to forget. Sandra Newman is a genius

Sarah Perry, author of Melmouth

‘Heart-breakingThe Men imagines a better world and what we might have to sacrifice to get there, and, at the same time, it’s a brilliantly constructed sci-fi thriller, with a premise that hooks you in with a horrifying grip. I loved it.’

Bridget Collins