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The Missing Person’s Guide to Love

By Susanna Jones

Published Jan 2010

I came here to find out what happened – not last week – but almost twenty years ago. There are two deaths to consider tonight and Owen’s is only one of them. The other, the one that interests me more, is the death of Julia Smith. Julia was another school friend – my friend and Owen’s girlfriend – and she disappeared at the age of fifteen.

When Julia Smith vanished without a trace, it had a devastating impact on her two best childhood friends. After Julia’s disappearance, Isabel and Owen found solace in each other’s company until a reckless act of arson separated the two friends forever.

Years later, Isabel returns to her home town in the north of England for Owen’s funeral. She hadn’t seen him since they were teenagers and over the years has come to suspect that Owen may have been responsible for Julia’s murder. Isabel, estranged from her parents and returning to a place she thought she’d escaped forever, hopes finally to find some kind of resolution.

But as Isabel ventures further into the murky depths of her history, nothing – either past or present – is as it seems. Will the truth ever rise to the surface?