Jacket for 'The Monster of Shiversands Cove'


UK - Black Cat

The Monster of Shiversands Cove

By Emma Fischel

Published Sep 2015

Stan is on holiday with his family at the seaside when everything starts going a bit odd. First there’s the fairy – the one his brother caught. It doesn’t look like a fairy. It’s not twinkly. Its name is Harry, and it bites. Then, there’s the sea monster. The huge one in the bay that’s after Stan’s little brother. The one that only Stan can see.

Can Stan find out what’s going on, stop the monster, save his brother – and watch out for Harry?

Funny, exciting or a little bit spooky, Black Cats are fast-paced stories with short chapters and illustrations throughout – purr-fect for newly confident readers and those building up their reading stamina.