Jacket for 'The Mountain of Immoderate Desires'


UK - Phoenix (Orion), Weidenfield & Nicolson (Orion)

The Mountain of Immoderate Desires

By Leslie Wilson

Published Jan 2010

Samuel Pink has a secret: he believes he is Queen Victoria’s illegitimate son. Sent to Hong Kong at the age of twenty-one, he hopes to achieve a brilliant career, but life in the colony in the 1890s offers more distractoins than expected. Not least among them, a captivating Chinese girl called Lily.

Brought to Hong Kong by her eccentric protector Mr Jackson, her job is to partner him in erotic Taoist exercises that make men immortal. But when Mr Jackson dies after all, Lily has to find another means of support.

Samuel and Lily’s entanglement changes both their lives. But it is complicated by the fact that neither is really sure who they are. And somebody is watching Samuel on his mother’s behalf…