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The Pants Project

By Cat Clarke

Published Mar 2017

Eleven-year-old Liv Spark is a transgender boy, brought up in an open-minded family. Having two mums is the coolest thing ever, and Liv can’t wait to start secondary school and make some new friends. Gender has never been an issue in his life before – his parents have always allowed him to dress and express himself however he wants. Everything changes when he realizes he’s going to have to wear a skirt at his new school.


Liv isn’t willing to accept the school’s outdated uniform policy, but isn’t quite ready to share his secret with others, so he embarks on the Pants Project – a campaign to allow girls to wear trousers. If everyone else sees him as a girl, that’s what he’ll pretend to be – for now.


During the campaign, Liv faces bullying, family bereavement and a headmaster with a bad attitude. After being dumped by his best friend, Liv has to learn to trust again. Can he find the courage to share his secret, and tell his friends and family who he really is?


The Pants Project is a funny, heartwarming book about finding friendship and being true to yourself.