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The Plague Maiden

By Kate Ellis


The eighth novel in Kate Ellis’ wonderfully addictive Wesley Peterson series.

When a letter arrives at Tradmouth police station claiming that the man convicted of murdering the Vicar of Belsham is innocent, it causes quite a stir.  DI Wesley Peterson, however, already has his hands full with threats made to local supermarket chain, Huntings.  The last thing he needs is an alleged miscarriage of justice to investigate.

Meanwhile archaeologist Neil Watson is surprised to uncover a medieval plague pit at a site near Belsham church earmarked for Huntings’ new superstore.  As Wesley’s investigations continue, he begins to suspect that the vicar’s murder, the disappearance of a former Sunday school teacher and the threats to the supermarket may be linked in some way.

Then comes the disturbing discovery that the ancient plague pit is home to a more recent resident…