Jacket for 'The Plea'


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The Plea

By Steve Cavanagh

Published May 2016

Fraud. Blackmail. Murder. It’s all in a day’s work for Eddie Flynn.

When David Child, a major client of a corrupt New York law firm, is arrested for murder, the FBI asks con-artist-turned lawyer Eddie Flynn to take the case and force Child to plead guilty.

Eddie’s not a man to be easily coerced, but the FBI have incriminating files on his wife, and if Eddie won’t play ball, she’ll pay the price.

When Eddie meets Child he’s convinced the man is innocent, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. With the FBI putting pressure on him to secure the plea, Eddie must find a way to prove Child’s innocence while keeping his wife out of danger – not just from the FBI, but from the firm itself.

A gripping, twisty thriller.

Ian Rankin