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The Printer’s Coffin

By MJ Carter

Published Nov 2016

London, 1841. Mr Jeremiah Blake and Captain William Avery, recently returned from India, are invited by Viscount Allington to examine the particulars of a grisly pair of murders. Two printers form the seditious gutter presses have been brutally dispatched in distinct but similar circumstances. Fearing the deaths will stoke the fires of Chartism sweeping the capital, Allington hopes Blake and Avery’s determination to uncover the truth will solve these crimes and help restore civic order. But there are others who seem equally determined that the pair shall fail…

Richly detailed and smartly plotted. Firmly establishes Carter as an authentic voice in the world of historical crime.


Carter’s meticulous research is lightly worn in this action-packed rampage through the alleys and mansions of the teeming capital.


Witty and unfailingly readable…its contemporary resonance all the more effective for being barely stressed.


Carter brings 1840s London to life – from its pubs and shop to its workhouse and prisons – and captures the mood of the times perfectly.

Sunday Express

An entertaining stew of blackmail and murder.

Sunday Telegraph