Jacket for 'The Sand Dog'


UK - HarperCollins

The Sand Dog

By Sarah Lean

Published May 2018


I never thought Grandfather would come back on an ordinary day like a Monday or a Tuesday.  He’d come on the kind of day when the rising sun is pouring its colours on the sea because there’s not enough room for all its glory in the sky.  Grandfather was like that kind of special day to me too…I always knew he’d come back across the sea, triumphing over a few monsters on the way, but I was still waiting after two years for that special day to arrive…

Azi doesn’t feel he belongs on the small Mediterranean island without Grandfather.  Then a lost sandy dog appears and together they begin to search for him.

But, as they grow closer and secrets about Azi’s past are uncovered, the day is coming when Azi will have to say goodbye to the sand dog forever…