Jacket for 'The Shroud Maker'


UK - Piatkus

The Shroud Maker

By Kate Ellis

Published Jan 2014

A grisly find…

A year on from the mysterious disappearance of Jenny Bercival, DI Wesley Peterson is called in when the body of a strangled woman is found floating out to sea in a dinghy. The discovery mars the festivities of the Palkin Festival, held each year to celebrate the life of John Palkin, a fourteenth-century Mayor of Tradmouth who made his fortune from trade and piracy. And now it seems as if death and mystery have returned to haunt the town.

A faceless enemy…

Could there be a link between the two women? One missing, one brutally murdered? And is there a connection to the fantasy website Shipworld, which features Palkin as a supernatural hero with a sinister, faceless nemesis called The Shroud Maker?

Will history repeat itself?

When archaeologist Neil Watson makes a grim discovery on the site of Palkin’s warehouse, it looks as if history might have inspired the killer. And it is only by delving into the past that Wesley comes to learn the truth…a truth that will bring mortal danger in its wake.