Jacket for 'The Sixth Man'

The Sixth Man

By Bill James

Published Jan 2010

Harpur and Iles go after the gangs who, in shooting at each other, accidentally gunned down a born-again Christian who was innocently posting tracts. Claud Montagne, the lurid crook who pimped Iles’s favourite streetwalker Honorée, turns up dead in the car park of the not-quite-respectable club he used to frequent. Harpur sets up a tough young woman to run an undercover job – despite the fact that Iles is adamantly, life-threateningly against undercover work. All is not well in the underworld…
With five Harpur and Iles stories, three of which never before published in book form, plus a spicy little interlude with some crooks from the series and a fistful of other tales from the seamier side of life, this anthology is a must-read for fans of Bill James’s dark, gritty thrillers.

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