Jacket for 'The Slaves of Solitude'


UK - Abacus
Germany - Doerlmann
Greece - Stereoma
Italy - Fazi Editore
Turkey - Jaguar

The Slaves of Solitude

By Patrick Hamilton

Published Jan 1947

Measuring out the wartime days in a small town on the Thames, Miss Roach is not unattractive but no longer quite young. The Rosamund Tea Rooms boarding house, where she lives with half a dozen others, is as grey and lonely as its residents. For Miss Roach, ‘slave of her task-master, solitude’, a shaft of not altogether welcome light is suddenly beamed upon her, with the appearance of a charismatic and emotional American Lieutenant. With him comes change – tipping the precariously balanced society of the house and presenting Miss Roach herself with a dilemma.