Jacket for 'The Solitude of Thomas Cave'


UK - Bloomsbury
France – Editions du Rocher
Hebrew – Kinneret Zmora Dvir
Holland – Ambo Anthos
Italy - Vertigo
Japan – Shinchosha
Turkey – Timas Yayinlari

The Solitude of Thomas Cave

By Georgina Harding

Published Apr 2013

August 1616. The whaling ship Heartsease has ventured high into the Artic, but now must begin the long journey home. Only one man stays behind: Thomas Cave makes a wager to remain here, alone, until the next season. No man has yet been known to survive a winter this far north. As the light recedes and the ice begins to close in, Cave pits himself against blizzards, avalanches, bears – and his own demons. For in this wilderness that is without human history his past returns to him: the woman he had loved, the grief that drove him to the ice.