Jacket for 'The Spark'


UK - Hodder

The Spark

By Holly Miller

Published Aug 2024

“People kept telling me it was impossible that, aged eighteen, I’d found the person I wanted to spend my life with. And yet, here we were.”

Childhood sweethearts Neve and Jamie are inseparable from the moment they meet. Everyone knows they’ll be together forever – that is, until tragedy strikes, and Jamie is torn from Neve’s life.

One street away, Ash is hit by lightning. As he recovers, family members notice a drastic change in Ash, almost as though he is a different person.

“My whole life, there’s only been one other person who’s looked at me like that.”

Years later, chance brings Neve and Ash together- and she is struck by his familiarity. He shares so many traits with Jamie, as if their souls are entwined.

Neve must ask herself whether she can love for a second time in the face of her grief. Is she ready for what life has to offer? And can lightning really strike twice?

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