Jacket for 'The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths'


UK - Orion
Germany - Rowohlt
Italy - Giunti

The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

By Harry Bingham

Published Mar 2014

Still haunted by the dark echoes of her psychological breakdown and the puzzle of her origins, DC Fiona Griffiths wants nothing more than to be like everyone else. A respected colleague. A proper girlfriend. Normal.

Which is why volunteering for the National Undercover Training and Assessment Course – the toughest offered by the police service, with an 85% failure rate – might not be the cleverest idea. Especially when the payroll fraud case she’s currently involved with starts to look like the tip of a much bigger conspiracy, and suddenly proven ability to slip into another identity makes her the ideal person to infiltrate the criminal organisation.

Becoming Fiona Grey, a payroll clerk with some serious money problems, means isolating herself from friends and family while she waits for the fraudsters to try and recruit her. But while she knows that if she’s exposed as a policewoman she can expect no mercy, she also faces a different and even more frightening danger – that as her new personality takes over, her fragile grip on her own identity could be lost forever.