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The Sunday Night Book. 52 Short Recipes to Make the Weekend Feel Longer

By Rosie Sykes

Published Oct 2017

When a new week looms ahead we often look for small pleasures that make the final eve feel longer.  And for many, Sunday night supper is a reassuring ritual for prolonging the evening.  Celebrated chef Rosie Sykes is an expert in making food to feed the soul and her debut cookbook, The Sunday Night Book, will satiate the appetite of any comfort reveller with ease and speed.

Toast topped with something simple and delicious can be hard to beat; whether that be a light take on the Spanish Pan con Tomate with Tomatoes with Thyme and Bacon or a flavour enhanced classic of Anchovy, Chilli and Garlic Beans on Toast.  Simple one-pot dishes such as a punchy North African Spiced Chermoula Chicken will make light work of the washing up but the real Sunday night supper star – the humble egg – presents plenty of autumnal pleasers including Bombay Potato and a Fried Egg, or Rosie’s childhood favourite Coddled Egg with Smoked Haddock.  Serve up a lovely light salad of Watercress & Beetroot with Horseradish Dressing in the height of summer, make your leftovers go further with a fridge-foraged Epic Bubble & Squeak and Rosie’s Pick-Me-Ups cocktails and spritzes will make the perfect accompaniment to fun party-style ideas such as Spiced Nuts or Devils on Horseback.

Rosie showcases time-honoured shortcuts with her simple dishes offering great choices for meals for one, two or a few and using inexpensive ingredients to bulk out your dishes and take your meals into the new week.  The Sunday Night Book is the ultimate consolation to waving goodbye to the weekend and will become a staple on the cookbook shelf for years to come.


Rosie is one of the great cooks of our time – so humble, brilliant ideas, wonderful cooking and writing you want to read over and over again…Rosie cooks the food you want to eat all the time – unpretentious and delicious.
Angela Hartnett

The Sunday Night Book tells a story I couldn’t be happier iwth. Ideas for delicious food for the weekend often pop up through the week and these often get altered on a Sunday night; having seen the book, Rosie can alter my food any time!
Fergus Henderson

Rosie Sykes is a proper cook who cooks proper food with flair and skill. These recipes are all achievable but, more than that, very desirable on nights other than Sunday. Excellent book.
Shaun Hill