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The Want Makers

By Eric Clark

Published Jan 2010

Advertising is the industry of our time. It increasingly influences the whole of our lives – from the toys our children demand to the TV we watch, from the drugs our doctors prescribe to the way we vote. It is pervasive, global – and growing. There are three times as many advertisements now as fifteen years ago – but in the new age of satellites and electronic wizardry, the real explosion is about to burst.

When Eric Clark was asked to help relaunch an advertising and marketing magazine he became intrigued by what he found and embarked on four years of research. The result is a fascinating look at the whole world of advertising from research to the creation of the impact. This is not an anti-advertising book, but there are worrying revelations and a number of important questions and raised. Essential reading for anyone who wants to know how ‘the persuaders’ persuade.

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