Jacket for 'The White Trail'


Seren Books

The White Trail

By Fflur Dafydd

Published Oct 2011

“Dafydd seamlessly amalgamates the extraordinary into the everyday in her reworking of ‘Culhwch and Olwen’” The Guardian 2011

Life is tough for Cilydd’s, after his wife Goleuddydd, who is nine months pregnant, seems to vanish into thin air at a supermarket one wintry afternoon. Cilydd gets his cousin, Arthur – a private eye who has never solved a single case – to help him with the investigation. So begins a tale of intrigue and confusion that ends with a wild boar chase and a dangerous journey to the House of the Missing.

In this contemporary retelling from Seren’ New stories from the Mabinogion series, award winning Fflur Dafydd transforms the medieval Welsh Arthurian myth of the Mabinogion’s ‘Culhwch and Olwen’ into a 21st century quest for love and revenge.