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The Widow’s Promise

By Jennie Felton

Published Sep 2017

She’ll do anything to keep her children safe.


Carina Talbot’s life is shattered when her beloved husband Robert is found dead in mysterious circumstances.  Suddenly she must take on sole responsibility for their two young children and find a way to continue running the farm which was Robert’s pride and joy – not to mention prevent Sally, her beautiful yet headstrong sister-in-law, from making choices which will affect them all.


Help comes in the form of two new men in her life: local landowner Lord Cal Melbrook, a scarred war hero whose surly temperament seemingly masks a generous heart, and a mysterious stranger who claims to have been friends with Robert and offers a much-needed hand on the farm.  But can Carina truly trust the motives of either man?  And, as a woman alone, can she keep her vow to protect her children from further tragedy?