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The Woman in the Photograph

By Stephanie Butland

Published Jul 2019

Sometimes an image captures more than just a moment.


1968. Veronica Moon, a junior photographer for a local paper, is frustrated by her (male) colleagues’ failure to take her seriously. And then she meets Leonie on the picket line at Dagenham Ford Factory.  So begins a tumultuous, passionate and intoxicating friendship.  Ahead of her time and fighting for women’s equality with everything she has, Leonie offers Veronica an exciting, free life at the dawn of a great change.

Fifty years later, Leonie is gone, and Veronica leads a reclusive life.  Her once promising career was abruptly cut short by one of the most famous photographs of the twentieth century.

Now, as that controversial picture hangs as the centrepiece of a new feminist exhibition curated by Leonie’s niece, long-repressed memories of Veronica’s extraordinary life begin to stir.  It’s time to break her silence and step back into the light.


An empowering, feminist and moving novel that will change the way you see the world.