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The Woman Who Wanted More

By Vicky Zimmerman

Published May 2019

Two women.

One unusual cookbook.

And a friendship that will show them how to savour every moment…


Kate Parker is about to turn forty and her world has fallen apart.  In need of direction, she (reluctantly) volunteers at her local retirement home.

Cecily Finn is a 97-year-old resident of Lauderdale House for Exceptional Ladies.  Cecily’s tongue is as sharp as her mind but she has lost her spark, seemingly resigned to the Imminent End.

Then, Cecily prescribes Kate a self-help recipe book with a difference – and so begins an unlikely friendship between two lonely and stubborn souls.

Can these two very different women – one at the end of her life and one adrift somewhere in the middle – together find their appetite for life again and dare to ask for more?

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