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Tollins 2: Dynamite Tales

By Conn Iggulden

Published Oct 2011

More tall tales about tiny people from the bestselling author of THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS but whatever you do, DON’T call them fairies!

We return to Chorleywood, home of the Tollins – tiny creatures with wings who aren’t fairies and are about as fragile as a house brick. In three thrilling stories, they will face the trials of armed invasion, radio technology and amateur dramatics.

In ‘Romeo and Beryl’ Sparkler discovers an old human book and decides to put on a play of a story that is filled with great love and even more shouting. At the same time, a new craze sweeps Chorleywood, as Dragonfly racing literally takes off.

In ‘Radio,’ the Dark Tollins of Dorset invade in force, with a housecat leading the charge. Sparkler, Wing, and Grunion must find a way to save themselves, and possibly the cat as well.

Finally, in ‘Bones,’ the Tollins leave Chorleywood on a mission of mercy. The homes of the Dark Tollins are about to be blown up by humans! We will discover the importance of hot tea and toast in such desperate times. As well as jam, obviously. Once again, it’s Sparkler and his band of Tollins to the rescue!

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