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Turning the Hiram Key

By Robert Lomas

Published Jan 2010

Robert Lomas (co-author of The Hiram Key) has finally tackled the big unanswered questions about The Brotherhood.
What is the purpose of Freemasonry?
What do Masons gain from working its Rituals?
Can anybody benefit from the Spiritual Teachings of ‘The Craft’?
Are Masonic rituals simple moral plays designed to encourage people to behave well?
Are they a secret tradition preserved from a long lost civilisation?
Are they meaningless formalities?………Or do they serve a deeper purpose?

In this ground-breaking work Lomas describes his personal journey through the mystical rituals of Freemasonry. Drawing from personal spiritual insights, hidden Masonic texts and modern scientific knowledge, he reveals why people join Freemasonry, what they expect to find and how they benefit.