Jacket for 'Twenty Thousand Saints'


UK - Alcemi

Twenty Thousand Saints

By Fflur Dafydd

Published Jan 2010

Archaeologist Deian returns to the island of his childhood, where his mother disappeared without a trace. Sister Viv, closet heretic and host of the annual conference for hermits, has erected a gold plaque in her memory, declaring her unofficial sainthood. Meanwhile documentary-maker Leri is keen to portray the island’s inhabitants as anything but saintly, pursuing a story that thas less to do with birds and saints’ bones than with real bloodshed.

During this hot August week a writer-in-residence observes lives colliding as Bardsey Island twirls once more for the cameras…

A black comedy about finds, losses, secrets, privacy and intrusion, and how the most important things always happen off-camera.

Winner of the Prose Medal – National Eisteddfod 2006