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Two Caravans

By Marina Lewycka

Published Jan 2010

Two caravans huddle in the corner of a strawberry field in Kent; one for the female workers and one for the men. Within these caravans, the hidden world of the itinerant worker is exposed, bringing together people from all corners of the world, each struggling to make a living while enduring dreadful conditions. When the marital affairs of the strawberry farmer and his wife explode, and the threat of police intervention looms, Andriy, Irina, Yola, Tomasz and Emanuel all flee, fearing expulsion from the country. This is the start of a series of demented adventures through the underbelly of modern England, as our small band of unlikely heroes search for a better life. Out of their desperation grows a commitment to each other, as well as a poignant love story.

Lewycka has written a novel steeped in humanity and laced with humour. Her characters are believable people inhabiting a marginal existence where, in spite of real hardship, love and laughter can prevail.

Two Caravans is the follow-up to Lewycka’s debut novel, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, which has been translated into 29 languages; the film rights have been sold to Domino Pictures.