Jacket for 'Unattached: Empowering Essays on Singlehood'


Square Peg

Unattached: Empowering Essays on Singlehood

By Angelica Malin

Published Feb 2022

Powerful. Self-assured. Independent. Unattached.

Thirty women, from Megan Barton-Hanson and Shaparak Khorsandi to Shon Faye and Stephanie Yeboah write on what single womanhood in the modern age means to them.

Have you ever worried about going on holiday alone?

Felt queasy at the thought of Valentine’s Day without a date?

Thought to yourself, “I want what she has?”

This book is the tonic you need.

Curated by journalist and author Angelica Malin, Unattached explores the nuances of being single today through the voices of thirty women; with personal essays reflecting both the unique challenges (hello, going to a wedding alone), and the glorious benefits (goodbye, joint bank account).

Unattached shines a light on brilliant women stepping into their power, owning being alone, and reveals the true depth of female potential when we choose to go against what society expects of us and revel in our own strength.