Jacket for 'Viking: King’s Man'


UK - Macmillan
Bulgaria - Ciela
Czech Republic - BB Art
Greece - Fantastikos
Hungary - Gold
Italy - Piemme
Korea - Woongjin
Netherlands - Karakter
Poland - Anakonda
Portugal - Ulisseia
Russia - Eksmo
Serbia - Laguna
Thailand - Matichon

Viking: King’s Man

By Tim Severin

Published Jan 2010

The dazzling sequel to Odinn’s Child and Sworn Brother, King’s Man is the triumphant conclusion to this epic Viking adventure. Constantinople, 1035: Thorgils has become a member of the Varangian lifeguard and witnesses the glories of the richest city on earth but also the murderous ways of the imperial family. Under the leadership of warrior chief Harald Sigurdsson, he is set up as the unwitting bait in a deadly ambush to destroy Arab pirates harassing the Byzantine shipping lanes in the Mediterranean, and later joins a campaign to recover Sicily from the Saracens. When Harald eventually ascends the throne of Norway, Thorgils is despatched on a secret mission to Duke William of Normandy with a plan to coordinate the twin invasions of England – Harald’s Norsemen across the North Sea and William’s Normans attacking across the Channel. On 19th September 1066 Harald’s fleet of three hundred ships sails up the Ouse, confident of success, but a prophetic dream warns Thorgils that Duke William has duped his allies and the Norsemen are heading for disaster at Stamford Bridge. Thorgils embarks upon a race against time to reach Harald and warn him before the battle begins. But will Odinn’s’ devout follower really be able to anticipate what fate has decreed and save the heritage of the Viking ancestors? In Viking – King’s Man Tim Severin delivers with immaculate craftsmanship the dramatic conclusion to Thorgils Leifsson’s travels through an ancient world brimming with iconic mythology and unforgettable Viking sagas.