Jacket for 'Viking: Sworn Brother'


UK - Macmillan
Italy - Piemme
Greece - Fantastikos
Hungary - Gold
Bulgaria - Ciela
Korea - Woongjin
Netherlands - Karakter
Poland - Anakonda
Portugal - Ulisseia
Russia - Eksmo
Serbia - Laguna
Thailand - Matichon
Turkey - Nitelik Yayinlari
Czech Republic - BB Art

Viking: Sworn Brother

By Tim Severin

Published Jan 2010

The breathtaking second volume in the Viking trilogy – an epic historical adventure in a world full of Norse mythology and murderous feuds. London, 1020: Thorgil has escaped the clutches of the Irish Church only to find himself involved in a capricious love affair with Aelfgifu, wife of Knut the Great, ruler of England, and one of the most powerful men of the Viking world. Forced to flee the realm, Thorgil teams up with Grettir, a feared outlaw. The two men become travel companions and sworn brothers – which binds them together beyond death. Across treacherous and volatile regions – from the frozen lands of the Ski Runners, who trade in furs, and along the great river leading to Miklagard, the Queen of Cities – Thorgil must use his wits to survive. Finally, in Constantinople, he witnesses the ultimate revenge … Sworn Brother continues an utterly compelling journey back in time to a world that is brimming with wonderfully crafted characters and their insatiable hunger for riches and renown.