Jacket for 'Voices on the Wind'


UK - Open Road

Voices on the Wind

By Evelyn Anthony

Published Jan 2016

Forty years after World War II, a former Resistance fighter must revisit the past and make a decision that could shatter the lives of both the innocent and the guilty

Paul Roulier comes to the quaint English village of Amdale looking for Katharine Alfurd. Born in Paris, Katharine left London at nineteen to fight for the Resistance in Occupied France during World War II. There, she joined a notorious underground network and fell in love with Jean Dulac, its charismatic leader. Now, Christian Eilenburg, the German war criminal known as the "Butcher of Marseilles," has been extradited from Chile to stand trial in France. Roulier needs Katharine’s help bringing other monsters to justice-and they weren’t all Nazis.

Now Katharine must return to the scene of a terrible crime-and an unforgivable betrayal. As she relives painful memories, she faces a threat from the past and a decision that could destroy lives and become Eilenburg’s final vindication. Will she expose the truth or will it remain buried forever, along with the innocent victims . . . the real casualties of a war that created traitors and unlikely heroes?