Jacket for 'Watching the Ghosts'


UK - Severn House

Watching the Ghosts

By Kate Ellis

Published May 2012

Boothgate House, in the historic North Yorkshire city of Eborby, is a recently converted apartment building with a sinister past. Once an asylum for the insane known as Havenby Hall, it was where serial killer Peter Brockmeister was sent on his release from prison in 1978. But three years later, Havenby Hall closed and Brockmeister died in mysterious circumstances.

Solicitor Melanie Hawkes is investigating suspicious events at Havenby Hall when her young daughter is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Boothgate House resident Lydia Brookes is burgled. In both cases, DI Joe Plantagenet believes there may be a connection to the house’s disturbing past. And why is a paranormal researcher so fascinated by the building’s basement?

As Joe uncovers the appalling truth, he is forced to face an evil that threatens those closest to him – and puts his own life in jeopardy.