Jacket for 'Water Lily: A Novel of Mystery'


UK - Picador/ Macmillan
Sweden - Wahlstroms

Water Lily: A Novel of Mystery

By Susanna Jones

Published Jan 2010

When a passionate love affair with one of her pupils threatens to become public, Runa has no choice but to flee the high school and remove herself from a dangerous life of prying eyes and seedy love hotels. After stealing her sister’s passport she boards the ferry to Shanghai. Terrified and eager to disappear, Runa impersonates her more conventional sister, taking care to conceal her knowledge of English and to become quiet, docile and discreet.

Meanwhile, on the last stretch of a fraught and tiring mission to find a wife, an Englishman also boards the ferry. During the long and claustrophobic journey that follows, Runa suspects she is not the only one with a secret persona.