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What Dies in Summer

Published May 2012

A riveting Southern Gothic coming-of-age debut by a major new talent.

I did what I did, and that’s on me. From that tantalizing first sentence, Tom Wright sweeps us up in a tale of lost innocence. Jim has a touch of the Sight. It’s nothing too spooky, and generally useless, at least until the summer his cousin L.A. moves in with him and their grandmother. When Jim and L.A. discover the body of a girl, brutally raped and murdered in a field, an investigation begins that will put both their lives in danger. In the spirit of The Lovely Bones and The Little Friend, What Dies in Summer is a novel that casts its spell on the very first page and leaves an indelible mark.

A beautifully written and deeply engaging study of loss and innocence, suffused with chilling dread. A haunting novel, a captivating debut, I loved it.

S.J. Watson, author of Before I Go To Sleep

An unusually accomplished and evocative debut, in which what dies is innocence.


Wright.expertly weaves together a literary tapestry of self-discovery, brutal sadistic violence, custodial battles and tender, burgeoning sexuality, leaving readers spellbound by a story that delivers on several levels. The author’s impressive, multi-tiered storytelling talents are on brilliant display in this entrancing, impressive debut.

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