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Where the Truth Lies

By Julie Corbin

Published Jan 2010

‘I didn’t see it coming.
No black cats crossed my path. No clear-eyed crows cawed alarm from the trees. There was nothing to warn me about what was up ahead.

An invisible clock was ticking, each beat drawing my family closer to danger and I was oblivious. Busy with the normal, everyday things that make up a life, I didn’t know about the threats or the blackmail, or about the brutal turn our lives were about to take. I didn’t know that someone close to me was on course to devastate my family. I thought my home was a safe place, that danger kept its distance.

I thought wrong.’

Claire’s husband has been keeping secrets from here.
About the whereabouts of the witness to the murder trial he’s prosecuting.
And about the emails he’s been getting, threatening to kill their four-year old daughter, unless he tells the blackmailer where the witness is hiding.
With their daughter’s life at stake, it is left to Claire to untangle the web of lies and half-truths and find out just who might be responsible. And to stop them.

Before it’s too late.