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UK - Oxford University Press
Germany - Carlsen Verlag

Who Framed Klaris Cliff?

By Nikki Sheehan

Published May 2013

A stunning debut for 10+.

At a time when fears about imaginary friends going rogue, migrating and even killing, have reached near hysteria levels, Klaris is the last thing 13-year old Joseph needs.

He’s already preoccupied with a mom who went on holiday and didn’t come back, and a dad who’s talking about ‘moving on’, and he can’t tell anyone that he’s being hounded by Klaris, the imaginary person who belongs to Flea next door. Klaris is a whispering voice in his ear, a buzz in the air, and when everyone else has gone, there she is. Waiting. She’s not bad exactly, she’s just…annoying. But why is she there, and what is it she wants from him?

When RIPS (The Rogue Imaginary Persons Section) is called in and Joseph and Flea are facing the Cosh, a brain operation which permanently shrinks the imagination, Joseph has to act to save all three of them. His investigations take him right to the uncomfortable heart of family life, but will his answers be enough to save Klaris – and is she really what she seems?

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