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William’s Progress

By Matt Rudd

Published Jan 2010

Define progress.

One man. One woman. One year. So many ways to screw up.
William has a twelve-year-old boss bent on his destruction; the interior design duo from hell re-decorating his bathroom; and an angry ginger midget with a mean right hook on his case.

Then there’s the flood. And the village full of Machiavellian nutters.

On the plus side, he also has a gorgeous wife and an adorable (but insomniac) new son – and he loves them both. It’s just a shame that parenthood doesn’t stop him doing the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time, with catastrophic results for his small – and increasingly exasperated – family.

It’s very nearly too much for one man to handle.
CORRECTION. It is ENTIRELY too much for one man to handle.
And that man is William Walker