Jacket for 'You Die Next'


UK - Trapeze

You Die Next

By Stephanie Marland

Published Apr 2019

A group of urban explorers stumble into a murderer’s kill room in a derelict film studio.  Terrified, they run, thinking they are safe.  Then a message appears on their video channel: Who dies next?


Struggling with her celebrity status, amateur sleuth Clementine Starke is determined to find the truth about who framed her father.  But her obsession with DI Dominic Bell is out of control, and she’ll do whatever it takes to be a part of his life.

As DI Dominic Bell and his team investigate a series of murders in hidden locations across London, the aftermath of an internal investigation threatens to tear his family apart.


As the body count rises, Clementine Starke and DI Dominic Bell form an uneasy alliance to hunt the killer.  But as they close in on their prey, and things turn personal, Clementine has to decide which side of the law she’s really on.

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