July 29, 2019

The Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize 2019 – The Shortlist

After considering over 400 submissions, we’ve agreed on our shortlist for the Joan Aiken Future Classics Prize 2019.

Says Julia: The response was brilliant. As ever, it was such a fun process, there’s so much talent out there. This year’s shortlist is packed with great concepts and heart, voice and freshness. Lizza and I will spend the next week or so working out our winner. It will not be easy.

Says Lizza: It is fascinating to see how new writers have been influenced by Joan Aiken’s books – either in their use of locations, or imaginary worlds, or in descriptions of the special relationships formed by friends in difficult situations. Our shortlist shows some real talent – it’s just tantalising not to have seen how all the stories end!


Fiona Longmuir – The Museum of Emily

Pippa Lewis – The Glass Butterfly

Andrea Fautley – Frost Spell

Lucy Steeds – The Map of Lost Lands

Louisa Cowell – The Second Snowfall

Thank you to everyone who entered. If you haven’t been shortlisted, we may well be back in 2021, so please try again. You all made it a great competition.

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