Translation Rights

Translation rights are an essential part of our business; we provide expert international representation.

In addition to launching new titles across markets throughout the world, we also manage our extensive, active backlist, ensuring our authors’ profiles stand out abroad as much as at home.

We work directly with publishers in territories including Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Scandinavia and Israel, as well as working closely with co-agents in the markets listed below.

For general rights queries, information on individual titles, or to receive our latest rights guide, please email

  • Alexandra McNicoll

    Rights Director

    Alexandra handles rights directly in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as working with our co-agents in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

    From May 2023 she is on maternity leave and her cover can be contacted at

  • Lucy Joyce

    Rights Agent

    Lucy handles rights directly in Arabic, the Baltic states, Greece, Israel and Poland, Portugal, Spain and across all of Scandinavia. She also works with our co-agents in Brazil and the Czech Republic.

    You can contact her at

  • Jack Sargeant

    Rights Executive

    Jack handles rights directly in Albania, Georgia, India, Macedonia, the Philippines, and Ukraine, as well as working with our co-agents across much of Eastern Europe and in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    You can contact him at



Tassy Barham, London

Bulgaria & Serbia

Anna Droumeva, A. Nurnberg Associates, Sofia

China & Taiwan

Jackie Huang & Whitney Hsu, A. Nurnberg Associates, Beijing and Taipei

Czech & Slovak Republics

Jana Borovanová, A. Nurnberg Associates, Prague & Slovenia

Hungary & Croatia

Judit Hermann, A. Nurnberg Associates, Budapest


The English Agency (Japan), Tokyo

Tuttle-Mori Agency, Tokyo


Sue Yang, Eric Yang Agency, Seoul


Simona Kessler, International Copyright Agency, Bucharest


Olga Lutova and Anastasia Falcón Arjarova, A. Nurnberg Associates, Moscow

Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia

Winnie Waropas, The RTA Agency, Bangkok


Amy Spangler, Anatolialit, Istanbul