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Blood Ties

By Ruth Lillegraven

Published Jul 2022

As Norway’s newly appointed minister of justice, child-rights advocate Clara Lofthus has a chance to accomplish something meaningful on behalf of the most vulnerable members of society. It couldn’t be more personal. After her husband’s death, she is the sole caretaker of her twin sons, Andreas and Nikolai. She’s also still haunted by her own traumatic childhood—and the lengths to which she was willing to go to pursue her own brand of vigilante justice. How far? No one ever needs to know. And this is just one of Clara’s secrets.

Then one day, Clara comes home from work to make a terrifying discovery: her sons have been kidnapped. Clara’s search leads to her hometown in Western Norway, where she learns that her mother has been released from the mental hospital she has been living at for the past thirty years. Hot on Clara’s heels is a local reporter, who is every bit as relentless as she is. He’s determined to disrupt Clara’s life even further and will not rest until he exposes the truth about her past.

As the fate of her sons hangs in the balance, the demons of Clara’s past are flushed out of hiding, threatening to come home to roost.

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