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The Apartment

By S.L. Grey

Published Nov 2016

Mark and Steph and their young daughter had a good life until the day armed men broke in to their home in Cape Town. Traumatized by the attack, and their helplessness to stop it, they decide a trip to France is exactly what they need. Steph discovers the perfect apartment in the heart of Paris on a house-swapping website, and they sign up. But once Mark and Steph arrive, they find themselves trapped in a hellish apartment, and their nightmare begins.

To get home, the couple will need answers about the mysterious building, seemingly abandoned except for a strange woman squatting on the top floor and the sound of someone crying through the walls…or is it screaming? Deftly weaving together two complex and compelling characters, S.L. Grey has created a claustrophobic and chilling portrait of a disintegrating marriage teetering on the edge of darkness. The Apartment is a terrifying tour de force of supernatural horror, psychological tension and haunting suspense.

Dark and deeply disturbing. Trust me – this tense and frightening piece of horror is not for kids – or for the faint of heart. I’m still shuddering.

R.L. Stine

The Apartment is a perfectly crafted, deeply unsettling thriller; a portrait of a marriage unravelling, of the haunting and the haunted, and the idea that grief might be a door that can let other horrific things in.

Jennifer McMahon, New York Times bestselling author of The Winter People

Gripping, creepy as hell, and the dread will linger for days afterward.

Lauren Beukes